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I am a carpenter, shopfitter, draughtsman, general foreman and a contract supervisor.

My working career has been in the building industry with over 50 years experience at various levels starting in Salisbury, Rhodesia when I was 15 years of age.



I worked for a mass production workshop, producing doors; some of the pine flooring boards, also panel doors, with glass and timber panels, frame ledge and brace doors, and flush doors. We had a daily quota of 50 frames or doors per day. We also made door frames and brick moulds.



Shopfitter Creating Wooden Dividers For Shop https://handymansheaven.comWe then returned to South Africa where I was employed at a shopfitting company, where we made glass and timber counters, large display units and also large bank counters. Whilst there, I was selected to be trained as a detail draughtsman, and also as a fixer of shopfronts and material on site.  We had a workshop of about 30 men, plus 5 polishers and painters and a metal workshop of about 20 steel workers.



After this I joined a construction company as an assistant foreman where we built concrete high rise buildings.

High Rise Building Construction With Concrete

The first building was a small one of 10 floors, then I moved to a 20 storey lawyers chambers, where I did finishing work, supervising the various trades, window fitters, ceiling and glass fitters, tilers, plumbers, electricians, and air conditioning fitters.

We used the critical path method of planning to coordinate the various trades on each floor. I then moved to another 20 floor bank building doing concrete work.



Next I joined Roberts Construction on a multiple project with a department store in one corner, a 15 floor hotel on another and a 30 storey office block, all connected at basement level. There was also an OK Bazaars store and a parking garage with an ice rink on the other side of the road. All this was at the building and concreting stage.

Carlton Centre 223m Highest Building In South Africa 1973 to 2019

Tallest building in Johannesburg
223 m


I worked supervising the workers on the hotel site, checking forms and moulds before concreting.

The company then moved me to a subsidiary where I started doing draughting, then getting quotes for components for making interiors of railway carriages. We also did suspended ceilings and partitions for office buildings.

My boss then moved me to a planning office with a large whiteboard where I did the planning of jobs being done by the company in various places. I also had to supply dates for the stores to load materials for the jobs.

I then worked for a while as a quantity surveyor for a house building company where we prepared orders for various suppliers to deliver bricks, roof tiles, timber and so on to the relevant sites.



I was then recruited as liaison between Roberts Construction and my old high rise employers, Schachat-Cullum, to build prefabricated concrete walled houses.


Themba Mission Hospital Whiteriver by Swedish Alliance Mission https://handymansheaven.comWORKING AT A MISSION HOSPITAL IN AFRICA

My next work took me to WhiteRiver in Mpumalanga (Old Eastern Transvaal) working for a mission hospital as a maintenance and building foreman for a new hospital being built for them in the African Area outside of town.

I was also in charge of security and grounds maintenance.


After 2 years, we moved back to Johannesburg. I started working for a shopfitting company building banks and stationary shops as part of a nationwide chain.


In my next job, I became a draughtsman again for a large chain store group building fittings for retail shops. Later I was promoted to supervisor in building these stores, which necessitated a lot of travelling.


Construction Foreman Handyman https://handymansheavan.comWORKING AS A SCHOOL MAINTENANCE FOREMAN AND GROUNDS SUPERVISOR

I moved to a school as maintenance foreman, as well as security and grounds supervisor, where we had an endless task of marking rugby, soccer, and hockey fields as well as cricket pitches.


We then moved out of Johannesburg and I worked at a small building company as a general foreman building and extending car and truck tyre fitment centres and also a warehouse for a retailer of various products.


Red Help Button https://handymansheaven.comWHY I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE

I want to help people set up the best garage woodworking workshop with ideas and plans that will help them succeed in their venture to create a form of income that will sustain them and help them become the best they can be.

Pointing out all the pitfalls and obstacles that I encountered along the way, will help prevent them from experiencing the same hassles.



Providing insight and first-hand experience will ensure that the correct solutions, processes and maximum benefit in each scenario is experienced.

Streamlining a woodworking workshop is the key secret to becoming a successful carpenter, cabinet maker and woodworker in various genres of the market.

My expertise of 50 plus years will bring a lot of insight and provide helpful solutions in learning how to setup the best garage woodworking workshop with ideas and plans that will show dividends in the long run.Questions And Answers Q&A

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Looking forward to connecting with you online!


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Fifty years in in the trade. That’s a lot of valuable knowledge. You must have a lot of wisdom and anecdotes to write. 

I look forward to reading more about your life, and in particular, woodworking in the workshop. I’m a little rusty now, but I did enjoy woodworking during my youth.

Thanks very much for an interesting article.

Hi Paul,

thanks for your comments,yes I aim to add posts as we go on,to add interest and some advice, to those requesting it.

Very impressive list of accomplishments in your 50 years. I was wondering, out of everything you’ve accomplished  what job did you love the most? I will be bookmarking this website, as we are about to start a home improvement project in our kitchen.  I have some experience with framing houses but that’s the extent of it. I’m sure I will have to pick your brain a few times when we get started. 

Thank you 


Hi Jason,

I thank you for your observations,

I would say that draughting I enjoyed the most, to draw up plans and then see them growing to fruition in the workshop is great,

I am always available for any help that I can give.

That is seriously a resume I have not seen the likes of before.  Wow, you have really worked on a vast array of projects, and not only that, but you are also a bit of a humanitarian from what I’m reading.  You have, so far, lived a very unique and interesting life, and thank you for sharing that on these pages.  I look forward to seeing what develops with your site!  Best of luck to you, Handyman!

Hi Babsie,

Thanks for your insights, and for your encourage ment,I am still building the website, so you will see some more posts as we go forward.

You have many experiences so far. This would be a place where I would get advises from. 

You really know about woodworking, but not only that, you know almost about everything related to buildings. I will be looking forward to reading your post and get more information to build my own workshop, I don’t want to make mistake and I can make sure to get the best answers from your site.  

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Andres

Glad to hear from you,

I am always available to help whever I can,

Yes as we build the website,we will be putting out posts of relevant themes .

This seems like an awesome website and I may revisit it in the future if you are going to post content on building different things. Did you build greenhouses in your career as that is one thing that I want to build at my mother’s house in the country suburb? What was your favorite project to work on?

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your input ,yes we are going to be doing posts, as we continue to extend the website.

No I have not built any greenhouses,but I am sure google could show you some ideas,to get you started.

One of my favorite jobs was making drawings for fittings at Sages,and at the CNA. 

Wow, you’ve accomplished so much in the industry. Lots of cool stuff, especially being able to work on the tallest building in Johannesburg. With over 50 years of experience, I bet lots of people are going to be eager to learn from you. I think it’s cool you want to help people.

Hi Nate,

Good to hear from you,

Yes it was quite an experience, working on the Carlton centre.A very intricate building site with five interlocking projects.

The reason we published the website was to help others to build their own workshops.

50years of experience of being a handyman is not joke at all because of your vast experiences you have garnered while working.  I respect the fact that your sole aim is not to take people’s money but to offer worthy service and tutelage to people about setting up their garage wood working. Thanks for this poat

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